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Chelsea Art Group


Danielle Frankenthal

Danielle Frankenthal

All of her works are about light, in all its valences: as the specific light which is color; as the most humanly perceivable form of pure energy which allows us sight; and as the great spiritual metaphor. Visit her website for more info. #daniellefrankenthal

Art for Life

Art for Life

When Donald Christiansen founded the New York-based Chelsea Art Group in 1996, he was, by his own admission, no art connoisseur. But his shrewd business acumen, innate understanding of financial markets and eye for talent means that, today, Christiansen is regarded as one of the world’s leading art consultants. For more than 20 years the Chelsea Art Group has established itself as a premier art consultancy service built on a team of artists and industry experts working with a worldwide network of collectors to secure rare and exclusive pieces. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or are just starting out, the Chelsea Art Group is a name you can trust to build a unique art collection. Of course, once Christiansen started working in the industry, a deep-rooted passion for art quickly grew – as did his personal collection. It is this passion and knowledge gained over the past 22 years that Christiansen and the Chelsea Art Group team are keen to share with clients and interior designers worldwide. “My greatest interest is to expose people to the fascinating world of beauty, history, and the value of buying and living with artwork,” Christiansen explains. In terms of luxury investments, over the past 20 years, the fine-art market has proved consistently fruitful and buoyant. The Chelsea Art Group has an unrivalled insight when it comes to the current market trends and securing exclusive artworks, sometimes even before auction. The group’s holistic and bespoke approach means that the buying process is simplified and the client is provided with the right knowledge to make informed decisions. Crucially, the Chelsea Art Group also understands that buying art is, ultimately, a personal investment. There are no rules when it comes to personal taste and which pieces make an emotional connection. Art is something that enhances our lives as well as our homes: a treasured asset, a beautiful object to cherish, enjoy and pass on to future generations. The Chelsea Art Group understands the heart and passion involved in buying art, as well as the potential long-term financial gains. The group’s tailored approach covers every stage of the process, from advising on which artists to invest in to finding the best place to display a piece in your home. Combining industry insight, with experience and a personalised approach, you’re in the position to create a fine-art collection that’s truly timeless. Having recently branched out into the luxury yachting industry, the Chelsea Art Group initially worked with an LA-based designer to secure and display work by the likes of Anish Kapoor, Marc Quinn and Tony Cragg for a project for yacht company Feadship. It marks a new direction for the Chelsea Art Group and is an area Christiansen calls “exciting but also challenging”. It opens up a new realm of possibilities: new clients, interiors and lifestyles, while also utilising the same resources and expertise at the core of the Chelsea Art Group.

Expert Ease: Art Today

ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME: Is there one medium of art that you would call on-trend or cutting-edge today?

What is Art Basel Miami?

With Miami Art Week 2018 fast approaching, I have to say that the single most asked question in my life is ‘What is Art Basel, and why are you going again?’ It is hard to explain what exactly Art Basel is, as it is honestly a mix of everything. However my best attempt to sum it up is that its ALOT of art (in fact over 22 art fairs), tons of parties, dinners, brunches, music, book signings, fashion shows, panels, and pretty much anything else you could imagine that has to do with the creative aspects.

A Collector's Collector

WHEN IT COMES TO ART, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But behind the glamorous façade, the art world's power players and top galleries have forged a distinctly commercial and highly competitive path open to only a select—and privileged—few.

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