Danielle Frankenthal

Danielle Frankenthal is an accomplished artist whose unique approach to painting has garnered international recognition. Born in the United States and raised between the U.S. and Guatemala, Frankenthal began her artistic journey in diverse cultural environments that have deeply influenced her work.

In 1984, Frankenthal held her first solo exhibition at the Galeria del Patronato de Bellas Artes. This marked the beginning of a prolific career centered around her innovative use of light and transparency. Her work primarily involves painting on transparent Acrylite® layers to create three-dimensional structures. These structures interact with light and shadow, resulting in dynamic, ever-changing visual experiences that shift with the time of day and the viewer’s perspective.

Frankenthal’s interactive artworks have been showcased in prestigious museums worldwide. Notable exhibitions include the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the Columbus Museum of Art in Georgia, and the Museo Casa Santo Domingo in Guatemala. Each exhibit has highlighted her ability to transform static materials into living art that engages and captivates audiences.

Currently, Danielle Frankenthal continues her artistic exploration and practice from her studio at Mana Contemporary in Jersey City. Her dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional painting techniques and her focus on the interplay of light and shadow continue to make her a significant figure in the world of contemporary art.

Clouds 1, 2024

Clouds 2, 2024

Burning Bush, 2022

Evaporation, 2022

Ion Series, 2022